“I am living one of the most thrilling experiences of my life for
my year abroad in Brighton, UK. The college and the host family are
both fantastic. I am enjoying my international experience. I couldn’t
have asked for better! Thanks to Maria Adriana for all your support
and care. Thanks also to the RLS staff.”

Benedetta – Exchange student- Convitto Nazionale – Roma

“My experience in Vancouver, Canada was amazing. I had the chance to
attend a good school, I loved my Canadian host family and I made a
lot of new friends. All this was possible thanks to the wonderful
organization of RLS agency, and in particularly thanks to Maria
Adriana, who took care of me and has always found the perfect
solution for me! I definitely suggest this unforgettable experience
to all of you”.

Matilde – Exchange student – Liceo Classico Tito
Livio – Milano

“My name is Asia and I spent a semester abroad in Burnaby. The
school was quite big and I immediately made a lot of new friends with
the other exchange students. Nice teachers at schools are always
ready to support you. I also was very lucky with the host family.

They were nice and inclusive.A special thank to M. Adriana who
perfectly managed the organization of the whole program . This
experience will be with me for the rest of my life. Unforgettable

Asia – Exchange students – Liceo Leone XIII -Milano

“I was so happy about my semester abroad that I decided to extend
my stay in Canada to one year. Vancouver is a fantastic city, and I
am very happy about the school and the host family where I live. It
is a unique and very special experience that I recommend to all the
students. I wish this unique occasion for the students of IV liceo.
Special thanks to Adriana who has always supported me with care and
constant energy for all the activities.”

Valerio – Exchange Student – Convitto Nazionale – Roma